What we’re about

As a believer, being a difference-maker can present its challenges.

There are 2 things we all want to see happen with the kids in our community; we want them to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and to discover their purpose. However, there are 3 challenges that can hold us back from being that difference maker.

  • Availability of Time

  • Knowing where to start

  • Money

We know the impact having a positive role model can have on kids; which is why we currently have mentorship programs in the schools across Spartanburg county and are extending into Greenville throughout 2021 and into 2022.

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Children From Fatherless Homes are…


More likely to commit suicide


More likely to run away


More likely to end up in prison


More likely to drop out

Our Process

how we make an impact

We Identify

We identify the kids who need to be in the program by partnering with the school administration, counselors, and teachers.

We Equip

We equip them spiritually and intellectually, pouring years of wisdom and experience into relationships.

We Inspire

We inspire them by helping them discover their purpose in life – Giving them a newfound hope that they’ve never felt before.

We Empower

We empower them to be leaders amongst their peers – with the goal of changing the trajectory of an entire generation.

what we’ve been up to!

Recently, we partnered with the Greenville Swamp Rabbits and Swamp Rabbit Moving, delighting hundreds of kids with stuffed animals and spreading smiles!”

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