Elite Level Leadership Retreat

Four days of intentional focus on areas of leadership that translate into personal, family, community, and business influence.

Monday – Ohio State University VIP tour of Athletic Facilities including exclusive lunch with Leadership Specialist, Danta Ingram, Compliance Officer for OSU. Our focus for the day is how to create a culture that fosters the pursuit of excellence. (We will drive up to Columbus the night before, April 16.)

Tuesday – University of Notre Dame – VIP tour of campus and athletic facilities. Our focus will be on embracing traditions from the past while pressing into the challenges of the future.

Wednesday – Indianapolis 500 and Indianapolis Colts training staff & complex VIP Tours. Our focus will be on how to be intentional in surrounding yourself with the “Pit Crew” and training staff that helps you stay on track and on the “playing field of life” at the highest level possible.

Thursday – A backstage journey at the Kentucky Derby. We will eat and watch the horses do their morning workouts. That day’s focus will be the importance of factoring out the noise of the crowd and the distractions of life so that we can focus on the finish line set before. We will return to the Upstate late Thursday evening.

Cost is $5,000 which covers all meals, lodging (One person per room), transportation, and elite-level access to all venues. This trip is limited to a total of 10 people due to the design and nature of the tours. Hosted by Rev. Seth Buckley and Dr. Mickey Sobeski, both trained and certified leadership specialists with the John Maxwell Team.

Next Level Leadership Mentor Retreat

An inspirational weekend geared towards encouraging and strengthening our mentors who are involved in the Next Level Leadership Clubs. The weekend will be filled with team-building, personal development, inspirational insights, and incredible “fire pit moments” throughout the weekend. Drive in for Thursday night programming start. The retreat ends on Saturday night the 29th but lodging will be covered for all who choose to stay over and leave early Sunday morning. Cost TBD.

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