A Time for fellowship

Our high school emphasis centers on experiences that are around a fire pit and a grill where we cook some amazing food, in a relaxed environment, and then introduce the young men to topics or issues that are pertinent to their current journey or the journey to come.

beast feast details

we share

We will have one of our mentors “tell their story” of how their lives were radically changed through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Once A Month

These events are normally once per month in a setting where there are minimal distractions and are targeted for a group size of 15 or less.

Mentor Ratio

While more can attend, it is imperative at that point for there to be more mentors available to engage in conversation during and following the Beast Feast.

how long?

These nights usually last about 2-2&1/2 hours but there is always that one or two young men who need more time at the end and that is when deeper conversations occur.

What is a mentor?

A mentor walks alongside you to show you what you are capable of, allowing you to see the hope inside yourself.

Reach out to us!

We’d Love to talk to you more about our mission.